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Oct. 23rd, 2007

Alexander was born Friday October 19th at 9:12am. He weighed in at 7lbs, 10oz and 19.5 inches long.
So we've entered the one month countdown. 28 days until little Alexander is due. OMG ... it's so exciting and yet scary to think that in less than a month I am going to have this little person in my life.

Work is good, I look forward to taking 6 weeks off. I think Anthony wishes he could take time off too, but someone decided to use all his vacation/ sick time up.

We've got a lot of baby stuff and are pretty much ready for Alexander. Just need to buy a mattress for his crib, but I'm not rushing it cuz he'll be sleeping in the basinet for a month or so first. The kid has uber clothes.

Well, I just thought I'd type a little something here so that you all know I'm still alive. :)

May. 20th, 2007

::edit:: OK .. Just cuz this is up DOESNT mean everyone from before is deleated so dont sweat it. LoL

I have great news for everyone!!

Anthony and I are having a baby. We are 3.5 months pregnant. Looking at Oct. 26th as the due date. :)
so my mom came to Vegas this weekend to visit me :-)

We saw the American Superstars at the Stratosphere Hotel (http://www.stratospherehotel.com/american_superstars.html). That show was GREAT. They impersonated Tim McGraw, Elvis, Madonna, Britney, and Michael Jackson. Britney's show sucked. Was so fake, but then again maybe she was being true to Britney. Haha.

We also went and saw the Body's Exhibit (http://www.bodiestheexhibition.com). Crazy shit I tell ya. Everything you ever wanted to know about the human body and more.

two more days ...

And I'm out of Cali.

My dad and Chris are coming to help me move my belongings to Las Vegas on Saturday. I officially start my new job on Tuesday!! YES!!! We shall see how living with Anthony is going to turn out. Hopefully we can all get along and all that good stuff. Fuck that... it's going to be interesting living with two guys. They BETTER keep shit clean. :0

So come Saturday IM GONE!!!

better late than never ..

Baby RJ at Christmas time...

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I saw Bon Jovi last night and DAMN... that was the BEST concert I've ever been to. Sang so loud. The place was pretty damn sold out. Earlier that day I was this close <----> to getting us floor seats, four rows from the front. But I'm glad we stayed where we were.

Jon Bon Jovi is hot for being 44 years old (today is his birthday). And him and his boys put on one hell of a show!

Pictures to come :)

just for joana

lol, look at the topic .. this update is for you Joana! :)

So life has been decent to me. Just been working ALOT. I seriously average 70+ hours a week. Work 40 hours at Bella Vida .. 16-24 hours at Changing Generations and then usually 10-16 at the Save Mart Center.

Been having car problems. Have has a coolant leak since October that no one could place. Finally I told them I want my headgasket replaced and now the mechanic agrees that, that was the original problem. Shitheads!

I've been compliplating buying a new car. I want a truck .. or a Passat or something, I dunno. I work hard, but I dont get to party as hard as I'd like to, ya know so buying a new car would be my reward. I can afford it so why not.

SO onto other news. I am OUT of California by Summers end. Thats the plan at least. Anthony has said a few times that I should move to Vegas .. and I think I'm gonna take him up on that. EXCEPT... I'm dragging my aunt with me and making her get a place with me. Not making, didnt take too much coaching to get her to agree with the idea.

Dunno, I want to spend more time with him, but I dont necessarily want to live with him OR live on my own .. especially in Vegas. If I was on my own, I'd be alone and basically he'd be the only person I'd know there. I dont like the idea of being dependent on anyone. OBVIOUSLY.

So yea, thats the plan. Vegas. You should come out there and get away from your drama. Plus.. I'll need people to come out and keep me sane. I need some fun and well .. I dont see Anthony doing too many fun things. The guy is great and all, but he killed the TRAPT concert cuz he wasnt 'into' it. Just not a fun, wild, crazy type person I'd like to hang out with. LoL. I like to go out and be dumb and have fun, with him it seems like its always gotta be serious. ANYWAYS.

That is my life right now in a nutshell. Just working and stressing over my car. FUN TIMES!